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How do we measure the success of these trips in terms of employee satisfaction and impact on our company?

Our mission is to counter the sentiment of "needing a vacation after a vacation." We're committed to refining our services with every journey. To achieve this, we solicit candid feedback through anonymous post-trip surveys and interactive debrief sessions. Moreover, by tracking enhancements in job performance, innovation, team spirit, and employee retention, we gauge the profound influence of our tailored experiences.

Can we integrate our existing company rewards or loyalty programs into the travel experiences?

Yes, we can incorporate and align with your existing reward systems to create a cohesive incentive program.

What measures are you taking in terms of health and safety, especially post-pandemic?

We prioritize health and safety by partnering with providers who adhere to the highest standards, ensuring that destinations are safe, and staying updated on health advisories and guidelines.

Can these travel experiences be used as part of our recruitment and retention strategy?

Certainly! Offering enriching PTO experiences can be a unique selling point when attracting talent and can also boost employee loyalty and retention.

How do you keep up with the latest travel trends and experiences?

We are affiliated with Gifted Travel Network, ASTA and Virtuoso. These organizations are at the forefront of travel, and are a great support in educating us on the trends in the industry. Our team is constantly traveling, researching, attending industry events, and building partnerships to ensure we're updated on the latest in travel.

What happens if there are travel disruptions or emergencies during the trip?

We have protocols in place to address disruptions. We act as advocates for your employees, ensuring they receive prompt assistance and alternative arrangements if needed.

Do you cater to specific industries or company sizes?

We cater to businesses across all sectors and sizes. Every company can benefit from enhancing their employee's PTO experience.

Are these travel experiences customizable based on budget constraints?

Absolutely. We work with you to understand budgets and craft experiences that provide the best value while achieving the objectives of the trip.

What kind of ROI can we expect from investing in these experiences?

While the tangible ROI can vary, companies typically observe improved employee satisfaction, reduced burnout, increased retention, and a surge in creativity and productivity after well-crafted vacations.

How do you ensure the security and safety of our employees during their travels?

We prioritize safety by choosing trusted partners. They are typically located in the destination and are well equipped to support.

What are the 'surprise and delight' moments you mention?

These are personalized experiences, like unexpected room upgrades, exclusive events, personalized notes or special recognitions, that serve to make the trip memorable and show appreciation to your employees.

Can you handle travel arrangements for a large number of employees?

Absolutely. We're equipped to manage travel arrangements for companies of all sizes, ensuring a seamless experience for each employee.

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