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Discover PTO Benefit Solutions

Who We Are

PTO Benefit Solutions stands as a beacon of passion for transformative travel, rooted in the beliefs of human connections and led by dedicated travel and  wellness aficionados.

In an era where digital demands often eclipse real-world connections, we fervently advocate for the power of purposeful vacations. We are more than just travel planners; we are your allies in championing meaningful getaways that offer rejuvenation, inspiration, and authentic experiences.

Image by Sasha Kaunas
Image by Kelsey Chance

What We Do

Standard PTO and wellness strategies merely scratch the surface; we delve deeper. PTO Benefit Solutions offers a refreshing approach to travel, simplifying the intricate process of planning for businesses and their employees. Our suite of services encompasses everything from invigorating executive retreats to individualized vacation plans for professionals at all levels.


Our focus? Ensuring that every journey transcends mere relaxation to become a transformative adventure. With an extensive network of trusted travel partners, we craft experiences that offer exclusivity, intimacy, and an immersion into the soul of each destination.

Why We Do It

The modern corporate tapestry, albeit connected, often misses the essence of genuine rejuvenation and exploration. We've traversed this path ourselves (Corey's Story) and experienced the pitfalls of burnout, underutilized vacation days, and superficial retreats. Our extensive travel history has instilled in us an unwavering belief in travel's transformative potential.


Vacations, in our view, should be more than brief respites; they ought to be catalysts for renewal, human connection, creativity, and resilience. Recognizing the symbiotic duty of both employers and employees, we're on a mission to emphasize the significance of genuine downtime. With PTO Benefit Solutions, we collaborate to design experiences that invigorate the spirit, bolstering both individual growth and organizational dynamism.

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