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My name is Corey, and I was born in Victoria, British Columbia, where my wanderlust led me to cruise ships, where I circumnavigated the globe for six years and met my heartbeat, Carolina. As newlyweds, the confines of a crew cabin weren’t ideal for family life (I have many stories!), so Miami became our home, marking my transition to corporate life in the luxury cruise & travel world. Here, our world brightened with the birth of our son, Nico. Eventually pulled away from Miami for work, we now make Seattle our home.


My time revolves around the outdoors, culinary delights, and cherished moments with family.  However, balancing my time, I never compromise on my personal passion: Ice Hockey. Whether I’m glued to an intense game on TV, catching a Kraken game live, or lacing up for one of the two competitive leagues I play in.

My Story

From my youth, I've been fueled by a tireless work ethic and a zest for challenges. During my last two years of high school, I juggled two jobs, balancing academics with earnings.  After graduation, I took a solo 2 month-long journey to the UK, seeking self-discovery and clarity about my future. Upon my return, one aspiration stood out: I yearned to traverse the globe while earning a living.  In August 2000, I took a leap of faith, leaving my hometown in Canada on an adventure to work aboard a cruise ship. This journey set the stage for my career in the luxury retail and cruise & travel sectors. I was laser-focused on goals that I believed would define my success. But in early 2022, it became painfully clear: all my achievements, though commendable, left a massive void to a deep dark place. My relentless drive had come at the cost of my mental well-being.

During my introspective period to understand how things went wrong, I revisited the memories of my past vacations. Most were characterized by work stress or a nagging sense of unfulfillment, despite the resources and anticipation poured into them. Yet, one memory shone bright - a family cruise. Amidst the vast expanse of the sea, away from the ceaseless digital pings, we found genuine connection. Laughter over dinners, shared adventures at ports, music, shows, and most importantly, heart-to-heart conversations.

This wasn’t just a vacation; it was a profound realization. It taught me about the invaluable essence of disconnecting to truly connect. It underscored the urgent need for professionals, like me, to recognize and respect our mental space, to harness the healing power of travel and genuine interactions.

Because I believe everything happens for a reason, I have now embarked on a new journey, driven by passion rather than just ambition. I am devoted to guiding other professionals towards meaningful breaks. Because it's not just about taking time off, it’s about making that time count for our well-being, passion, inspiration, and engagement.


I'm always looking to connect!

+1 (305) 322-9922

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