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We Help Companies Engage and Retain their Employee's through Innovative Travel Benefits

In today's relentless work culture, a disconcerting trend has taken hold. Dedicated employees, already burdened with demanding jobs and personal commitments, often forego meaningful vacations or hastily arrange unsatisfying breaks because they didn't have the time. This isn't just a work-life balance issue; it reflects a deeper problem where both employers and employees undervalue the rejuvenating power of a well-spent getaway.


The consequences of this oversight reverberate through organizations, manifesting as burnout, diminished creativity, and eroding loyalty. For companies to flourish, it's vital to acknowledge and address their role in fostering genuine respites. When employees return from quality vacations, the entire organization benefits from heightened productivity, creativity, and unwavering employee commitment.  


This issue may be quietly present within your own business, providing a unique opportunity for positive change.

of employees find vacations enhances creativity, productivity, and focus.


of Americans report working while on vacation.


of employees do not use all their PTO each year.


of employees feel stressed when on vacation.


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Our Mission

Seamlessly integrate the aspirations of businesses with the transformative power of travel for their employee's. We're dedicated to crafting tailor-made experiences that rejuvenate and inspire, ensuring that every journey not only meets but elevates business objectives. Through curated travel, we aim to enrich the corporate spirit, foster creativity, well-being, and a profound sense of connection to the world around us.

What do we do?

At PTO Benefit Solutions, we specialize in aligning travel experiences with the travel goals of the individual. In an age of perpetual connectivity, demanding personal lives, and an overwhelming array of choices, there's a yearning for personal connections who can open doors to transformative experiences. With our extensive network of trusted travel providers on location, we can harmonize your travel vision with the perfect experiences to truly inspire, connect, rejuvenate, and engage.

Our offerings range from executive retreats and incentive travel to comprehensive vacation planning for both executives and employees. 

Our Team

With a collective wealth of over four decades travelling the world and working in the travel industry, a strong dedication to corporate wellness advocacy, our team boasts the experience and credibility necessary to revolutionize the way businesses perceive and leverage employee travel. We unite under a common passion: transforming travel into a strategic tool for growth and development within organizations.

Nicolas White

Nicolas White

Special Experience Advisor

Ernesto Tribaldos

Ernesto Tribaldos

Partership Director

Carolina Tribaldos

Carolina Tribaldos

Partner, CFO

Corey J. White

Corey J. White

Founder & Managing Partner

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